Adult Groups

Adult groups take place in the Winning counselor’s office. Participants attend once a week.

Winning counselors conduct an individual intake session, followed by group meetings.

Winning offers group counseling because clients who’ve been in a group for some length of time often acquire a different perspective on how to approach conflicts (without escalating), how to identify and handle feelings (anger AND feelings other than anger), and how to get what they want from others without compromising others’ rights.

Group members can and do use these self improvements in responding to newer members’ initial positions on discussion topics, and their talking and listening to each other can often have a higher real impact over time than what a facilitator could offer. Facilitators work to set and reinforce the tone and mindset, but members interactions have more bottom-line influence.

Counseling groups have five to eight members each.

The cost of counseling is on a sliding scale based on income. For more information, please see What We Do.

Some participants are court mandated and must attend 48 sessions to fulfill their counseling requirement. Self-referred participants attend until they feel their counseling goals are achieved.

To learn more about adult counseling groups call 541-382-1943.