If you have been involved in an accident or suffered a serious injury and you are looking to file for compensation, then it is a good idea to bring in a legal expert that can help you with that claim.

There are many benefits to hiring a Schreuders Compensation Lawyer, the first, and clearest of which is that many of them operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, which means that you can be confident that you can take the case to court even if you don’t have a lot of money right now. You have the chance of getting someone to look at the case and tell you, decisively, whether they think you have a chance of winning or not. A no-win, no-fee lawyer will not take on your case if they don’t think that they have a chance of winning it, because they need to have winning cases to make their money.

In addition, they are heavily incentivised to make as much money as possible for you, because they take a cut of the money that they win. This means that you can expect more earnings; you have someone fighting hard for your case.

A compensation lawyer will save you a lot of time. Even for things where you think that you could represent yourself because there are lots of people making similar cases, if you aren’t a lawyer it will take you a long time to wade through all the paperwork. Why bother with that when someone qualified can do it more quickly and be more likely to get good results.

Sometimes, simply working with a lawyer is enough to intimidate the company you are seeking compensation from into settling out of court, which again will save you time and get you money more quickly. There is a strong incentive for a company to comply with your wishes if they know that you have sought legal advice.

Compensation lawyers know the field that they work in and they know what case law backs up your situation. They aren’t intimidated by forms and legalese because that’s a part of their world. In some cases, they might even be working with more than one client that is taking the same company to court, and this means that collectively, you are stronger.

Hiring a compensation lawyer isn’t a risk – in most cases it’s an investment. You’re bringing in someone with the right skills to help you assert your legal rights and to get help to pay medical bills, help with loss of earnings, or other compensation that you are entitled to. There is a stigma associated with suing in Australia, but compensation is an essential form of legal protection. If you don’t speak up, then the companies will not know there is anything wrong, and there could be other people in the future who end up suffering because they do not correct whatever mistakes they made that led to your accident or injury.