car accident lawsIf you drive a vehicle anywhere, then it is essential that you know what the car accident laws are wherever you go. These laws are not only in place to try and avoid accidents but also manage and contain things after an accident has occurred. Laws do vary from place to place and sometimes change even within a city.

For instance, a city might expect participants of an accident to leave their cars as is on a regular road until police can look over the scene and file a report, but fender benders or something not serious on a freeway might be expected to pull over to the curb as to not impede traffic.

Some drivers, not wanting to see their insurance rates go up or even have involvement with police might offer to pay you cash to get your car repaired so that there is no formal government involvement or insurance companies noting the incident. This might seem a simple way to conclude a simple accident, but it might not be legal in your locality. Drivers that do this tend to not have insurance coverage and are trying to hide that fact from the law.

Car accident laws also matter regarding exchanging information with others after an incident. You can not get an insurance payout or be held liable for one if you do not give your contact particulars to the other drive and get his or hers in return. You also need to get the names and contact details of witnesses who saw what happened and stuck around. Fleeing the scene of an accident is almost always illegal, as it can mean anything from avoiding responsibility to leaving people stranded that need first aid or medical aid and emergency services summoned.