Never neglect or disregard courtroom processes. No matter how insignificant, silly, or pointless something seems to you, judges and justice officials take their work very seriously, and you should take great care to respect what is going on. This include bailiffs and attorneys. There are many procedures and rules to follow within any courtroom process, and you need to do as you are told if you are at all involved in such a situation.

Failing to comply with the protocols of a courtroom can have serious consequences for you personally. Even if you are just in the courtroom as an audience member or visitor, you still have to be respectful of the rules or you might be thrown out at a time you are there to emotionally support a loved one. Even worse, a judge might hold you in contempt of court and jailed overnight or longer. Fines are also a distinct possibility.

You might think that your reason for being in a courtroom process is a waste of time. It might be a summons for jury duty, which you believe you’ll get out of. You could be charged with something you’re sure you’re innocent of, or it might be a lawsuit or divorce proceeding against you that you just find insulting.

The point is, emotions can run high in courtrooms because they are places where lives are changed and sometimes ruined, innocence or guilt found or established, and prison sentences handed out. Monetary judgments and awards are decided on too.

Regardless of what circumstances has you there or how much they might disinterest you or rile you up, be respectful and civil to the judge, the attorneys, and the bailiffs. Don’t attempt to talk to the jurors unless directed by your lawyer, if that is applicable.