School Groups

Student groups take place in various high schools, with a Winning counselor and a school counselor co-facilitating.

Teen groups combine counseling with presentations on anger information and communication skills. In the counseling part, group members and the facilitator provide support for change, personal feedback and the opportunity to try new skills. In the presentations, new skills are explored and practiced.

The group helps students to express anger in safe and healthy ways. The facilitator provides the initial structure for practicing skills and role-playing, and as the group progresses, the members modify the activities to meet their needs.

The groups usually have 6–9 participants and one or two facilitators. Male and female students ages 13–17 attend the groups. Groups normally last 1 1/2 hours and continue for nine weeks.

Participants are referred by school counselors, teachers and/or parents.

The counseling sessions are offered free to students. For more information, please see “What We Do” on this Web site.

To learn more about school counseling groups call 541-382-1943.